Technical strength

Have a first-class technology development team, for enterprises to run, to maintain competitiveness to provide strong protection.

Five-axis linkage technology experts, to provide all aspects of technology development support and guidance.

More than Foxconn, Flextronics and other well-known enterprises worked with engineers, technicians composed of engineering team.

Graduates of the tertiary institutions, and many well-known enterprises to establish good relations of cooperation.

Through the standardization of the production process, each process using international standards manufacturing and testing, collaborative processing center optical assembly, processing center sheet metal manufacturing, machining center assembly, gantry machining center assembly and other standardized manufacturing. At the same time we are still innovative and enterprising, and improve the quality of the process to ensure that the quality of each processing parts, laser laser interferometer, three-dimensional three-dimensional space round test, spindle thermal deformation test and other testing equipment to ensure that each part is strict Inspection can be delivered to customers.

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Zhuhai Yiquan Precision Machining Center was established in 2015, for the Zhuhai Yiquan Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., located in the Pearl River Delta, Zhuhai National High-tech Zone Sanzao Technology Industrial Park, the company has 38,000 square meters of production and research and development base

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