Quality Control

"Quality is the first vitality of the enterprise", we always focus on providing customers with products and services, which depends on our stable process capability, improve the quality of the system and well-trained staff. At the beginning of the new product development, we will do the FMEA analysis and order review of the sample. When the product is mass produced, we will collect the information of the sample production, form the documented product drawing, the quality control plan, the inspection standard, and the customer's request A certain key to do CPK, SPC control. We will be full of quality awareness into the manufacturing process of each process, from raw material procurement to processing to the final packaging and shipping, the process of each detail have established a strict quality inspection standards, and effective implementation, while the use of advanced Quality management practices, process quality control and prior prevention errors. Full quality awareness become the survival of the country. Today, we are a number of international senior customer products processing, through their rigorous trial plant, but also through their professional quality evaluation, to bring customers a new satisfaction with the quality of experience. Advanced ERP system, TQM management tools and 5S on-site management of the implementation of the way, but also easy to precision precision CNC machining quality to continue to improve and continuously improve.

Quality management system operation

Our quality to "prevention" based, "test" for the second, which requires the close cooperation of quality and production. Quality Division to conventional division IQC, IPQC and FQC three parts, but with IPQC as the focus, because we firmly believe that: quality is manufactured, rather than test out.

Application of SPC in IPQC process control

To prevent the main, in the sample production process on the implementation of the process FMEA, in order to prepare the quality of the potential risk to a minimum

In the area of corrective prevention, we actively use the advanced quality control approach to analyze the causes, find out the root causes, and completely eliminate the duplication of the problem

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